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Vote Vote Vote

Are you Registered to vote?  It’s important to double check BEFORE the elections- you can check here.

Not registered? Don’t sweat it, register here. 

Have you made your voting plan? 

  • Vote EARLY! Check out this early vote schedule by state.
  • Worried about COVID-19 or prefer to vote from home? Request an absentee ballot.
  • Vote by Mail FAQ
  • Click here to make sure you know your polling location! 
  • Check with your employer to make sure you have time to vote! 
  • Set election reminders in your phone so you make all your voting plan deadlines.
  • Register as a poll worker!

    Once you have a plan, make sure you do your local and national candidate research.  Remember that local officials appoint important positions like chief of police and  implement local legislation which can have a huge and very direct everyday impact on your local community.

    Free Interactive Voting Checklist Download

    Download an interactive checklist HERE

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