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Use Protection Mural Process

Running a business independently sometimes does not leave time to work large scale so when an opportunity strikes it is super rewarding. Thanks to Paint The Void for matching BGG up with Good Vibrations AGAIN!

BGG Mural

"Use Protection" is a reminder to the community of the very unique times that we are in, to mask up and protect one another. The phrase has taken on a different meaning from the 80s HIV/AIDS epidemic since COVID-19 became a global pandemic a year ago. The virus does not discriminate, but its impact do. I hope this mural puts on smile on faces and serves as a playful pun that we need to spread love safely and stay strong as a community to fight inequality together.

Mural Sketch

After getting the design approved we drove into SF Friday evening to get started. A freshly boarded up plywood storefront can sometimes be a target for graffiti or unauthorized art. it wasn't a surprise to arrive at the location to find folks had already gotten to it. Scroll down to watch a hyper-lapse video to see if I integrate any into my final piece.

BGG Mural In Progress

My creative process usually starts from blocking out big shapes, almost like sculpting by adding and subtracting before details are added.

BGG paint colors

In light of the steps we have backtracked with the use of single-use plastics due to safety reasons. I wanted to keep it as low waste as possible and had sought out the local Buy Nothing Group for unused house paints to incorporate into my usual warm color palette. It was a fun process to get to know my new neighbors, YAY OAKLAND! and also to experiment with new colors responsibly.

BGG Mural Close-Up
Watch 13hrs of painting in a min

Do checkout the mural before it gets taken down ;(
Location: Kearny & Sutter St, San Francisco

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