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Unthanksgiving Day, also known as the Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Ceremony, is an annual event that takes place on Alcatraz Island on the fourth Thursday in November, coinciding with Thanksgiving. It is designed to honor Native Americans and promote their rights. Thanksgiving is a fantasy created to erasure on the colonial violence against Indigenous people.

Like previous years, BGG will NOT be participating in blind celebrations, Black Friday markdowns on this racist “holiday”. People should be thankful for the stolen land that you’re living on EVERYDAY, so save that colonizer gratitude talk. What then? Educate yourself, read up about history that was intentionally whitewashed in school and support Indigenous owned businesses.
2020 has been brutal for tiny businesses like ours. Holiday season is where I make majority of my income by participating in shows (like the cancelled WCC Market on#shopsmallsaturday that I was sooo looking forward to 😢)... but with the spike in COVID cases the future in doing another in-person event looks gloom 💔

Instead of being part of the senseless frenzy we will be donating 15% sales to Native American Rights Fund@nativeamericanrightsfund for the rest of November. It doesn’t seem like a lot compared to other brands but this is the best we can do and that is also on top of donating 10% from our Vote series to@aclu_nationwide

Please remember shop small, shop local and fuck amazon.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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